Who We Are

Our planners function as the expert sources to develop a customized comprehensive plan that coordinates the complex needs of a business owner and provides a roadmap for the owner to complete a successful business life cycle.

What We Do

Business Design is a financial services firm that acts as a resource center for small to medium sized businesses. Our firm includes Financial Advisors who specialize in planning for business owners and their key executives; access to a Tax Attorneys focusing on income and estate tax planning for business owners; Investment Bankers with extensive financial experience in valuing businesses; structuring businesses; acquiring appropriate financing; M & A negotiation; and maximizing the value of a business upon the owner’s exit from the business.

We have fully coordinated affiliated resources that provide: strategic planning mentoring; marketing research, management team building; recruitment and compensation design; Business Processing Expertise; and IT consulting among other specialized services.  

Cliff has provide guidance and factual business advice that has enabled us to meet the proper contacts to develop and increase our monthly revenues and financial standing.

Boyd E. Eckel | Sierra Transport, LLC

Mr. Duffield helped minimize my tax liability, has invested my wealth into public, private, and institutional markets, making sure myself and wife are taken care of in retirement, and the distribution of my wealth to my heirs when I pass on.

Steve Hudson | SL Hudson Enterprises