• The key to maximizing the value of a business is by building a  management team that can work together to achieve the owner’s  vision of ultimate success.
  • First it is important to determine the management requirements to  manage the day-to-day activities of business processing and  monitoring. Profiles for the management positions are determined.  Recruiting, compensating and retaining these key employees will be  the key to success.
  • When management building is successful the owner can assume the  leadership role for the business knowing the day to day management  is on solid ground. This will add significant monitory value to the sale  of a business upon the exit of the owner.
  • We are able to introduce the business owner to qualified  professionals that provide management consulting, recruiting and  teambuilding workshops that are bottom line oriented for value  added results.

Executive Compensation Planning

We work with management consultants and provide financial strategies to design a compensation package to both motivate and retain key employees. Today it is more important than ever to keep key employees that bring real value to a business. Keeping those key executives is becoming a challenge in this highly competitive market place.

We design a plan that provides both short and long term  financial incentives as well as a motivating atmosphere. Evaluating an executive and monitoring his activity is important and we work with highly qualified Executive Compensation Specialists to develop plans for the business owner to retain the employees that provide these very  valuable services.