Oil Field Service Factoring

Business Design provides factoring solutions that help oilfield services companies of all sizes quickly increase cash flow without taking on debt.

As the oilfield market continues to expand, Business Design’s same-day funding solutions enable welding, trucking, drilling, and other oilfield services companies to meet expenses and grow at a faster pace.

Funding for all types of Oil Field Services

Vacuum Trucks
Rig Pad Preparation

Pulling Units
Oil Field Service Contractor
Pipeline Services

Belly Dumps
Hot Shots
Road Construction
Disposal and More

How does it work!

Complete the application, send the invoices, and advances up to 97% of the invoice value can be provided via wire or low–cost ACH within 24 hours.
Easy application and set-up process.
No limits to the amount of available funding.

Factoring with Business Design

Same-day funding with no hidden fees.
Competitive advance rates.
No ACH fees. No invoice upload fees.
Web and mobile access to manage your account online.

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